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Volunteers Needed for New Church Opening!

All Parishioners! Volunteers Needed! Many volunteers will be needed for the opening of our new church. We need people to be: Greeters at the entrance door Tour guides Servers at a new Holy Grounds café Ushers to help with larger crowds Many visitors will be coming to our new church. We want them to experience… Read more

11/12/2017 Dcn. Dennis Lohouse Appreciation Mass – Gospel, Homily, Announcements

A special Mass was held Sunday afternoon to show our appreciation for Deacon Dennis Lohouse as he begins his new assignment at St. Theodore. 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time — Deacon Dennis Lohouse Appreciation – Gospel, Homily & Announcements from saintpiustenth on Vimeo. A reception was held in the school gym. Rebuild Announcement – November… Read more

10/8/2017 Gospel, Homily, Announcements

Be sure to listen to the important announcement regarding Deacon Dennis Lohouse’s re-assignment at the start of the homily (at 2:30). 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Gospel, Homily, and Announcements from saintpiustenth on Vimeo. This link is a 360 degree view of the new church. Bells ringing at noon on Sunday!

Back by Popular Demand – Fishers of Men Guest Speaker on “Love in Marriage”

Fishers of Men presents special guest speaker Deacon Bruno Petrauskas, who will speak on “Love in Marriage” from Pope Francis’s  Apostolic Exhortation Joy of Love. Bruno has addressed the group twice before.  It was a dynamic, interactive “conversation”. Want to know what an exhortation is? Want to know what the Church teaches? Are you a man? Are you married? Do you have children? Are you engaged?… Read more